A few bits and pieces

I’ve been a bit busy this last few weeks, but I’ll be adding some more updates soon. In the meantime here are some links that may be of interest.

From the Grauniad, “Ebooks : Durability is a feature, not a bug.” concerning HarperCollins attempts to limit the number of loans of copies of eBooks from libraries to force additional purchases.


I haven’t had time to look further into the details of this, but it puts into perspective how publishers would probably frown on my own distribution of eBooks as part of the Tower Hamlets pilot. I’m sure I’ll be writing my own brand of comment in short order…

Also from the Grauniad is this article on authours raising the case of eBook piracy.


Yes, even more dastardly than Somali pirates are those evil filesharers. ‘Speculative invoicing‘ may have been dealt a (hopefully fatal) blow, but the issue that began with ‘home taping is killing music‘ is unlikely to end soon.

I’ve also taken the liberty of linking to this interview on the subject with Neil Gaiman.