A lovely email

Cheering me up on a grey, rainy day, ‘Wildings’ author, Nilanjana Roy emailed me asking if it would be okay if she could share my sketch for her book. Of course I said ‘yes’ – it’s just a shame that the scan quality doesn’t really do it justice. The original is an A3 drawing – mostly cross-hatched, but the cats look a bit messy rather than blurred. I’m pleased with the tiger, though (I don’t think I’d ever drawn one before).

I’d always planned to do more drawings from this book, but what stopped me was that I felt I just didn’t have the familiarity with the setting to do justice to the book. The location – Nizamuddin – is at the heart of the book, and I’ve no first hand experience of India. However Nilanjana sent me lots of links to photographic sources, and as I loved the book so much, I think I’ll complete a few more illustrations for it.