A variety of booklists

I’ve collected here a selection of the booklist poster sets that I’ve produced since 2010 for schools.

teen10-banner-1The 2010 design was in honour of the eBook project that we’d launched at the library. The posters and booklet were based on tablet computer screens. They were originally all purple/ grey in colour but we introduced the other shades to differentiate them and the colour scheme persisted.

teen12-banner-1 MustRead2012Banner5 posters for each booklist. 5 Olympic rings? We couldn’t resist it (we avoided being sued because the rings weren’t linked). The primary school posters had a different filter applied to the rings.

TheList2013bannerI worked the 2013 posters up from a design submitted by a pupil from one of our schools, created as part of an art department project. I kept as close as possible to the design, but the school art department hadn’t taught the pupils about bleed, or the need to measure the correct dimensions of book covers!