Another review

I recently attended another portfolio review at the House of Illustration arranced by the SCBWI – in attendance were representatives from the Plum Pudding agency, Hachette childrens and Walker. Feedback from the publishers was ‘so you’re looking for an agent’ – fair enough, that’s the path illustrators have to take, and at least this time I wasn’t sent away to reinvent myself!

Very interesting and helpful was the feedback that I should up the number of illustrations from each book – I’ve been jumping around too much and so my resolution is to draw 4 or 5 pieces per book at least, and work in some cover designs, too.

Another interesting piece of advice was to look at editorial illustrations – so perhaps I’ll find some topical subjects to illustrate. In the meantime, though, I’ve nearly completed a series of Treasure Island drawings and four more Arthurian pieces to complement the two I already have. My first cover design will be for The Hobbit, though I don’t think I’ll be working on any more interior illustrations beyond the two colour pencil drawings that I’ll get scanned and posted over the next few weeks.

After this, it’ll be back to mailing out to agencies…