The mighty Thumbslurp!

BTcover for webl

At last, You’re a Pest, Betsy Tumbslurp! has been (self) published, and Coco has been unleashed onto the world. Written by Janet Noble, it’s been over a year in the making, not helped by many many revisions of Coco’s hair and the layout of the final book.

Now that we’ve finally got here we can start chasing reviews and then spend a couple of days revisiting the print edition. As happy as I am with the eBook, I still prefer the artwork composition in the .pdf.

In the meantime I’ll list a few things I’ve learnt on this rather difficult (but rewarding) journey.

  1. For a book of this format, black and white art would have sufficed! As lovely as the coloured work is, it’s probably only for a prestige edition and would have saved weeks of work.
  2. Editing takes bloody ages
  3. As does applying different fonts to dialogue. Thank goodness we abandoned coloured sound effects.
  4. Curly hair is a pain to draw
  5. eBooks never look as good as a printed edition