eBook provision for schools

22nd March 2012

Tower Hamlets Schools Library Services, PDC, English St.

Interest from schools is rapidly increasing in eBooks, not least because of increased marketing. Microlibrarian Systems will be present at the above workshop to demo their eBooks system run in partnership with Overdrive, who are demonstrating their commitment to UK schools by not bothering to produce UK dedicated publicity, have a UK website or contact details, or indeed return the emails of anyone who reveals themselves to be British. As is expected of an American company, though, they appear to be going for the ‘let’s monopolise the market’ strategy.

I’ll post details of the demo here, and the workshop is open to anyone – register via the SLS website.

I’ll also be using the workshop to give a proper rundown of other eBook strategies, including the costs of buying and maintaining hardware. There will also be reports from librarians who have been using eBooks in primary and secondary schools with small groups.

I’m also hoping to run demos of the products of publishers such as Pearsons Bug Club. Although with publicity copy such as…

Created to get children putting down their games consoles and reading for enjoyment, Bug Club combines rigorous pedagogy with fantastic design, kid-cred characters and cutting edge technology, resulting in a fresh and modern reading programme that your children will really love.

… I’ll have to work hard to keep a straight face. The above reads like a bizarre cross between 80s scaremongering and business turkeytalk written by Michael Gove on mushrooms.