‘I am not alone’

Another creative writing competition! When I planned this one last August, I honestly hadn’t anticipated our glorious government being quite so incompetent as to take us back to square one in January in terms of school closures. Okay, I know they’re an absolute shower of useless, chumocracy gobshites, but this…

I’m honestly expecting another lockdown this autumn after all of the morons get back from their holidays abroad with their souvenir variants.

Anyhow, I am not alone was intended to be a reflection of the lockdown, not a log of it. Fortunately, last year’s ‘This Hidden Island’ didn’t produce many lockdown stories, and so 2021 wont be retreading familiar ground.

This was a tough illustration to plan – especially as I only had about a week to work on it as voting on the theme went right up to the wire. I eventually built it around the letters of the title – this is a such an abstract theme with hundreds of interpretations, that previous literal illustrations wouldn’t cut it. I think I was influenced also by how I’d approached ‘Out of Place’. In the end I created a playground for all my little characters who’d be exemplifying one aspect of the theme. There are also some topical references that I hope people get – such as the protests and toppling of statues.