Not quite ‘doing a Thanos’

Hasn’t Thanos worked his way into the public consciousness recently? His callous wiping out of a seemingly random 50% seems to have resonated with us in these uncertain times – and also in an age where ‘decluttering’ is a popular lifestyle choice. Whilst I haven’t engaged in a full Thanos of my belongings (I’m too much of a hoarder to do that), I have decimated them in the traditional sense – or at least decimated my artwork.

My stash of sketchbooks and drawings has been growing like a tumour for over 20 years now, and on clearing out a cupboard, I ruthlessly stripped out a stack of artwork. And had a little bonfire.

Boy, quality drawing paper doesn’t half give off a lot of heat.

Seeing as inspiration and imagination is commonly visualised as flames – even down to the tarot suit of the wands – I feel this is an appropriate fate. Sort of sending all of the creativity back to where it came from.

I feel a lot better for all of this – rather like the grumpy old codger in ‘Up’ after he ditches the load he’s been carrying around on his back for so long. I’ve barely made a dent in some of the old c**p I’ve got stashed away, but it’s baby steps at first. Next year I’ll make a start on the piles of sketchbooks in the loft from my student days (if you thing I churn out self-indulgent drivel NOW…)

I told someone at work that I’d done this and they were shocked, and there’s the usual “What about when you’re a famous artist, you may want these sketches…” blah blah blah.

Trust me, I burned some terrible work. And after 20 years of trying I think we can safely say that I’ll NEVER be a famous or successful artist.

Anyway – decluttering.

Perhaps it’s not so bad after all…