Pixel art = virtual lego

Yeah, so I hadn’t expected this to be dead easy, but I hadn’t realised just how many new assets I’d need to draw from scratch for my pixel Nevermoor!

Here’s a wip of the Hotel Deucalion. And yes, I’m making life harder because of curved architecture – ellipses in isometric perspective are a devil to get right, but they look so good…

Anyway, the eagle-eyed will recognise elements of the Flatiron building here, though I had to re-scale a lot of architecture, as none of my previous London and NY buildings had featured cutaways which this required. This has also meant that I’ll almost certainly need to upscale the canvas size to London Calling proportions if I’m to do justice to Proudfoot House and the Ghastly Market, not to mention other bits and pieces and locations – if this was on a regular-sized canvas, the Deucalion is getting on to the size of my take on Hogwarts castle.

I’m having to take some liberties – not least that I can’t do the whole 13 stories of the hotel.

Of course, I’ve also made my life more difficult by deciding to not re-use existing character assets – at least without significant redrawing. I really want to improve on the artwork for my pixel cast of characters, and Nevermoor has some seriously unconventional-looking inhabitants. From a design point of view, I’m sticking with the existing proportions (I’m not going all bobble-head), but I’m tweaking things like the eyes and also getting rid of scrappy poses. There are some characters from previous work that I really like – especially the more custom designs – but some of the character work is just cringe worthy. It’s been fun adapting a lot of my Nevermoor drawings into pixel form, though.