Returning to pixel art

I can’t wait to be able to properly post the competed work from “The Squeeping Catterwhip” – a poem that I’m currently illustrating. The finishing touches are being added, as well as trying to decide on a colour scheme for the text.

In the meantime, as well as an out-of-nowhere desire to enter the 2000AD art comp with my Deadlock drawing, I’ve started work on a new pixel art composition – this time for Nevermoor.

I’ve started working on the characters and making lists of scenes that I need to include. It’ll centre on the Deucalion, with other locations being Proudfoot House, the Ghastly Market, the Nevermoor Bazaar and (possibly) Crow Manor. I’m hoping that I can lift most of the architecture from my London, NY and Hogwarts posters, though I’ve already had to do a lot of brand new curving architecture for the Deucalion as it always struck me as having Art Nouveau features – at least for the main entrance.

I also decided to remove the sketches section from the site and move them all to the blog, plus I’ve put my pixel art back on the menu. This contravenes advice I had years ago from SCBWI reviews where I was told to stick to one style – apparently agents and art directors get flustered if you do too many different things – but I’ve stopped worrying about this.

Next time I make any kind of stab at breaking into the industry I’ll most likely be using the Catterwhip paintings, as they’re of one style and a substantial number.