SCBWI Undiscovered Voices Interview

Has it really been a year since the UV 2018 launch? This interview was actually completed last July but it’s only just been published as there were so many UV winners to have slots in Words and Pictures and I’m at the end of the alphabet. I probably should have made a couple of revisions, especially as I’ve gone back to digital painting (on the other hand, I’ll probably go back to pen and ink in a few weeks – I think I’ve got the artistic equivalent of ADHD).

I was genuinely touched by the request to have my illustration used as a tattoo – and it’s probably my biggest success so far. And as it is, I didn’t need to make any revisions regarding the Howls Moving Castle House of Illustration competition. That event did make me go back and take another look at where I’m going artistically – I’m in no position to try my luck with Bologna or LBF – but hopefully I’ll be ready for a new round of agency submissions in a few months time.