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    First author/ illustrator visit!

    Well, the Mighty Thumbslurp has been printed at last! To celebrate this momentous event, Janet and myself have just completed our first afternoon of workshops at John Scurr Primary School, Tower […]

  • Wheelers eBook Platform

    This term I was very pleased to finally be able to launch the Tower Hamlets Schools Library Services eBook platform, hosted by Wheelers. It’s something I’ve been looking at for […]

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    Must Read Booklist 2014

    The Must Read posters are the sister set to the Teen Booklist and generally follow the same visual teme. That meant another 5 doodle art posters to draw. And I […]

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    Tower Hamlets Teen Booklist 2014

    So my manager decides that we need a different design to the last few years, which have been rather clean and tidy, so I decided to return to the grunge […]

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    A variety of booklists

    I’ve collected here a selection of the booklist poster sets that I’ve produced since 2010 for schools. The 2010 design was in honour of the eBook project that we’d launched […]

  • When does it become private education?

    From the Guardian State schools left behind in iPad revolution http://www.guardian.co.uk/education/2011/jan/10/ipad-state-schools-funding-cuts This carries on neatly from my posts The Apple School and Smile, it’s only a two tier education system. […]

  • Codec moments

    This isn’t really eBook related but there are parallels. Many of our schools appear to have bought flipcams for use in school projects. As an ex pat from the world […]

  • the Apple School

    A senior member of school staff recently commented that in the future “we will have to bite the bullet” and assume that all pupils will be able to supply their […]

  • Tablet PCs. The next big thing for schools?

      Elonex has recently caught my eye, mainly because the 7″ touchscreen Android tablet is on sale in Toys R Us amongst other suppliers for around £89. Although I haven’t […]

  • You shall not pass (sorry)

    Well, the iPods came back again today along with some feedback from the pupils. The one criticism of the project caught my eye as especially problematic to solve – the […]

  • Smile, it’s only a two tier education system

    If I was 7 years old today my parents would no doubt have bought me my own laptop, just as around 25 years ago we got our first home computer, […]

  • One down?

    It was innevitable, and I’m surprised they all made it this far, but plucky iPod number 5 has gone missing in action. Presumably another pupil will be thinking that Christmas […]

  • eBooks project summary

    "Do you work for Apple?" was the rather intuitive question that I was asked by my first group of guinea pigs. If I'd been bag searched at Mile End tube it would look as though I'd just mugged Steve Jobs.