That December feeling

Well, it’s getting close to the close of 2017 and it’s been a rather interesting year. Aside from getting lots of extra duties and a big dollop of job insecurity at the library (thank you Theresa May), I finally got around to starting my Etsy store and register for self-assessment. Not that I particularly needed to, because my earnings are basically non-existent, but I didn’t want to fall foul of regulations, so there you go. Just means a bit more paperwork this time next year. I think the future of selling my prints will have to be canvas, though. I’m just not getting the orders through for posters, and they’re pretty expensive.

I’ve also updated this website a little – I’m not allowed to say why just yet, though… 😉 It was long overdue, though. I didn’t remove as much work as I’d anticipated – I’d weeded a lot of the sketchy stuff already. I did consider removing more of the …don’t let the Dragons bite work, but sentimentality got the better of me. I like the look that the silhouette work gives to the front page – the Patronus picture will be the next Etsy print (once I actually find time to get it print-ready), and I’m fairly happy with the new direction that my work is taking. I was supposed to have finished a new Pixel Art poster – a Game of Thrones piece – but after my other posters failed to really sell and received little or no interest from agencies I decided that it would be more productive to return to my drawings and develop my style a little more.

My other work is of course the sequel to Betsy Thumbslurp. I’ve got several pages of b/w art for this book which I was taking in a more commercial direction, but now that Janet has traded the series in for her YA ambitions, I’ve also got more writing to do! This leaves my picturebook ideas in limbo – including …dragons (which was way over the pb wordcount anyway). On the other hand, Inn from the cold is currently with the wonderful Tiny Owl…


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