As work on The Squeeping Catterwhip comes to a close (and I’m looking forward to actually posting the completed art here!), I’ve been bitten by the book-illustrating bug once more and returned to two manuscripts that I’ve written myself or co-written. Namely ‘Inn from the cold’ and ‘You’re a Pest, Betsy Thumbslurp!’, while carrying on with my Nevermoor and game pixel-art while on the train too and from work. The other projects will be given half the week each.

‘Inn from the cold’ is now in its fourth or fifth incarnation, but hopefully also its final form. It’ll consist of around 11 full colour spreads plus cover, and I’m already onto the fourth after some pretty intensive drawing over the weekend and it’s looking pretty good.

The mighty Thumbslurp, meanwhile, will now be black and white interior illustrations with an expanded story. I was never totally happy with my colour art (though some of it I am still proud of), and besides, a b/w book is far cheaper to produce and will probably be a KDP published affair. We’ll probably also shop it around to publishers again – I’m actually quite proud of the three new chapters I’ve written for it, though I’m yet to receive proper feedback. And I prefer the new art style.