Tower Hamlets Teen Booklist 2014

List1forwebSo my manager decides that we need a different design to the last few years, which have been rather clean and tidy, so I decided to return to the grunge ethic of the 2011 posters, but this time with doodle art rather than PhotoShop.

The doodles were my way of representing all the wierdness and wonderfulness that books are crammed full of. Also, in keeping the art black and white, it was my intention that the covers would stand out.

Yeah, right! I’d drafted the posters using last years’ booklist covers which were lovely and bright – the deadlines meant that the books would be chosen late in the design process. The trouble is, the trend of 2013/14 cover design for teens seems to favour a mulch of grim blues, pales washed out blues, and a smattering of grimy reds and oranges. Oh well, I think the kids’ll still like them.