50 Shades of ****

Ugh. 50 Shades of Grey.

And yes, I have read that drivel. Okay, I skimmed the first two books, but that was enough. And now we have the term ‘mummy porn’ to contend with [shudders].

The reason that I have taken note of this decidedly un-erotic pile of bilge is not just that all of my wife’s colleagues are talking in reverential tones about it (which, frankly, speaks volumes about their general lack of imagination in such matters), but that the wretched title sounds just too much like my site and my blog for comfort.

 I feel more violated than any of the characters in the book, I can tell you.

77 Shades of Awesome’s domain registration expires in November, so I’ve got a few months until I either come up with a new name, or decide stick with it and hold my own (Ooooh Matron) for the inevitable film adaptation.