All pupils are equal…

I’m desperate to find a school that will let it’s reluctant readers, it’s pupils who refuse to approach books, have a proper shot at reading in a novel way that may ensnare the and inspire them. It’s a discussion in itself why the pupils in this category also fall into the ‘we can’t trust them with the eReaders’ pile, but it’s the truth that schools are still unwilling, when it comes to rationing out technology, to provide access to the pupils who may benefit the most.

Of course, this is not unreasonable when this amount of money is involved. But I’m feeling that the pilot will be ultimately limited if it’s only the gifted and talented set who are involved. My next course of action is to find a specialist teacher to work with to see if we can plan specific, targeted activities using the eReaders to support reluctant readers or pupils with other special educational needs.

Any takers? Drop me an email.