• Overdesigned Apple?

    Hey Apple, give your users more control and we’ll all win An interesting article, though I can’t see Apple surrendering control over its hardware and software. Part of the […]

  • When I was a lad…

    …hand-me-down meant an Action Man with only one working ‘gripping hand’ and an ‘eagle eye’ that looked the wrong way, or a worn jumper that was a refugee from a […]

  • Do your homework!

    Have just been asked for some good places to get free e-books to put on tablets that a school have purchased. I found the above in my inbox this evening. […]

  • Taking things for granted

    Sometimes you take the simplest things for granted. Like being able to quickly navigate and move items between file systems. To understand the hierarchy of files and folders. To understand […]

  • All pupils are equal…

    I’m desperate to find a school that will let it’s reluctant readers, it’s pupils who refuse to approach books, have a proper shot at reading in a novel way that […]

  • This is more like it (project update)

    One of our primary schools is the latest school to take part in my pilot and represents an interesting development in the project – in that it is no longer […]

  • Keeping up with the geeks (and a bit of sexism)

    Bashing Microsoft has long been a popular internet sport. It’s on par with blood sports in its viciousness, although perhaps not as nasty as Apple-fanboy baiting has become. Wild-eyed, rabid, […]

  • Minimum required specifications

    So, are eBooks and schools compatible? I’ve been running through scenarios of how school libraries could adopt digital texts and have whittled them down to two common choices: 1. “I’ve […]

  • CES Tablet PC Roundup From I haven’t been too fussed about tablet PCs recently since I found that the cheaper (read economical for schools) tablets such as the Elonex were garnering such […]

  • When does it become private education?

    From the Guardian State schools left behind in iPad revolution This carries on neatly from my posts The Apple School and Smile, it’s only a two tier education system. […]

  • Thumbnail for the post titled: Who owns your downloads?

    Who owns your downloads?

    Who owns your digital downloads? (Hint: it’s not you) Link to the original article at, by Ed Bott 3/1/2011 An interesting little article that addresses a point that I’m […]

  • Reader’s block

    In a fit of facetiousness in a recent presentation on my eBook project I decided to come clean about the pros and cons of ebooks. Yes they may make some […]

  • Codec moments

    This isn’t really eBook related but there are parallels. Many of our schools appear to have bought flipcams for use in school projects. As an ex pat from the world […]

  • the Apple School

    A senior member of school staff recently commented that in the future “we will have to bite the bullet” and assume that all pupils will be able to supply their […]

  • Tablet PCs. The next big thing for schools?

      Elonex has recently caught my eye, mainly because the 7″ touchscreen Android tablet is on sale in Toys R Us amongst other suppliers for around £89. Although I haven’t […]

  • Survival of the fittest

    It’s become apparent to me that I need to keep a close eye on individual eReader manufacturers these days. Earlier this year Interread, the manufacturer of the Cool-er eReader went […]

  • Smile, it’s only a two tier education system

    If I was 7 years old today my parents would no doubt have bought me my own laptop, just as around 25 years ago we got our first home computer, […]

  • One down?

    It was innevitable, and I’m surprised they all made it this far, but plucky iPod number 5 has gone missing in action. Presumably another pupil will be thinking that Christmas […]

  • Using technology, parrot fashion

    Parrot fashion was how I (somehow) scraped a C in my French GCSE. I was never literate in the language, but the ability to string together a series of sounds […]