Hogwarts for web

Prints for sale on request

This work involved a lot more detailed assets than my cityscapes, largely due to all of the stone walls, tiled roofs, etc. It also involved three levels of character designs. You have the main characters – Harry, Ron, Hermione, Draco, etc and the Hogwarts staff which all required individual art and, as I became more confident with drawing, made less use of template figures – I’d just go straight ahead and draw the character. The next were the non-human characters and monsters, and after that the generic students, which were made from a half-dozen templates with different colourings and haircuts. These were a real drag after a while…

Hogwarts, of all my pixel art so far, uses the most ‘cheats’ – I used photoshop filters and transparencies for things like the ghosts and the hourglasses. I also used brightness adjustments to add shadows on certain wall sections. Some pixel artists frown on these sort of things…

As always, there were elements that I couldn’t fit in, or perhaps I’ll add them at a later date, such as the astronomy tower and the owlery, but overall I’m happy with this piece.

Fred and George drew the penis on Snape’s blackboard, by the way.