Holding Wunder


“Morrigan felt panic creep in. it had all felt so right, just a moment ago. She was holding Wunder in the palms of her hands, as if she was born to do exactly that. But a different sensation was stealing upon her, a sense that she was no longer holding Wunder. That it was, in fact, holding her.”

from Wundersmith by Jessica Townsend

Photoshop and Rebelle 3

This scene is set in a room full of glass globes (holding what, you’ll have to find out by reading the book), and instead of putting them in the backgroud, I encased Morrigan in one – just another exhibit. I’ve continued with the style of drawing Wunder wrapping itself around her arms, as it was in the previous drawing – I really like how Jessica hasn’t used the term ‘Magic’ – ‘Wunder’ gives her the opportunity to make it something quite new, and it certainly isn’t always pleasant. Wunder is something quite alive and out of control and scary.