London Calling


London Calling is my latest poster for schools – intended as inspiration for the 2012 Tower Hamlets Creative Writing Competition. It’s also the most ambitions and complex piece I’ve worked on for a very long time.

I’m not sure what inspired me to return to pixel art. The theme was easy – inspired by August’s fun and games in the wake of the Coalition’s cavalier attitude to the nation. But I havn’t seriously delved into the medium since I modded some graphics for Civilization 3 – in my opinion one of the last great examples of a high profile (and full price) video game that made use of bitmaps and that could be easily edited.

Prior to this, I’d pretty much given up on pixel art, which was a shame as I spend hours clicking away on the Atari ST using Delux Paint and Degas Elite racking up countless virtual canvases of sprites and dreaming of being an artist for computer games.

When I finally got to the position of applying for any jobs, though, 3D graphics had entered the fray, and that’s not really something I have any real love for, or skill in, creating. Ironic, really, that I specialised in real world 3D model making as part of my degree.

I’m glad, though, that the medium is undergoing something of a renaissance what with the rise in mobile gaming, so I’m hoping that this poster will have real appeal with its audience.

It’s too big to show in all it’s glory – weighing in at A2 dimensions at 72 dpi. There was simply too much detail to cram in for it to have been originally A3 and then blown up (as I had intended). However I will dedicate a couple of posts to looking at some fine details, just because I’m actually quite proud of this beast.