Spam spam spam spammety spam spaaaaaam

Trawling through the spam comments on my blog and this really caught my attention. I have to hand it to the spammers, with the help of the auto-translation they’re producing more entertaining gibberish by the day. Apparently this one’s advertising watches. I think.

“Girls to normally be want to switch out to be pampered from cherished kinds previously finding married. Birds celebration will be customary occurrence by means of a single your everyday living previously tying ordinarily the knot accompanied by somebody from perpendicular having intercourse. Birds situation vogue accessories are frequently of diverse models for the goal of great glance. Normally the girl is expected to be medicated with the help of great recognition. Handcuffs not to mention eye-catching revealing fits make their glance timid not to mention contented also. Their colleagues ordinarily take charge of a celebration with the help of gals coming in excess of for enroll ordinarily the celebration. Extraordinary appears are frequently made a decision giving ordinarily the celebration outside oxygen. This special situation signifies ordinarily the girl hold planning time of day with the help of girlfriends and then the hold planning time of day from virginity. This great girl has an proper to check out in the greatest quality with the help of outstanding previous watches ornaments not to mention ingesting places, handcuffs not to mention binoculars in the direction of report heated blokes, strength wands and large attractive eyelashes, fabulous develop not to mention exciting fits. Normally the girl could be assigned a delicacy and also a driving lesson on the matter of what finding their course of action subsequent to acquiring united states accompanied by a lad.”

Yes. I’m going to buy a watch. To supplement my ‘strength wand’.

Where all the spam comes from.