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    Covid and the Catterwhip

    Of all the art from this book, I think the creation of this one will stay the longest in my memory. I vividly remember drawing this on the sofa, Huion […]

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    Catterwhip : director’s commentary!

    Commentary and art for verses one to eight!

  • Preview of the cover art for The Squeeping Catterwhip

    The Catterwhip

    The front cover image of the Catterwhip is an edited version of the character reveal from the book. I removed the loaf of blapper and the Wishangrope. The Catterwhip is […]

  • Opening spread for The Squeeping Catterwhip


    These were the first two illustrations I completed for ‘The Squeeping Catterwhip’ – a commission from poet Michael H Lester. The sunrise painting was my initial reaction to the opening […]