This is My Dream

This is My Dream is the 2017 Tower Hamlets Creative Writing Competition, and our first to get Arts Council funding (thanks to my superb bid-writing skills 🙂 ) – which means I got to turn the poster design into an actual book cover because we got money to publish the anthology in paperback!

Most of the ACE funding went on providing writing workshops to children in schools (which they loved), and as with all bids we had to provide services ‘in kind’ which meant that yours truely got to design another paperback. Out of Place also included Arabic translations for some of the stories, but with Dream we decided to go with the whole reverse-reading design, and so we had both Arabic and English covers following a series of disagreements as to how dual language books should actually be formatted, and as to which of these languages is being read ‘backwards’ (that’s a diversity and equal ops argument).

The design uses a photo from the Crossing the Line creative writing anthology and the text is taken from a variety of places including my own text, choices of poetry appropriate to the theme, and stories and poems from Out of Place.