A return to Warhammer?

I love a bit of grimdark. I’ve revisited dark fantasy recently when I completed Demons Souls (original and remake) – one of my favourite games of recent years and a successor to my beloved Fighting Fantasy. But 40K has always been a favourite of mine. I last played and collected back in the 90s, with 2nd edition and Epic battles, but a hunt for a new hobby has led me to TT gaming groups and I’m trying to decide whether to invest in GW’s wallet-busting systems. I may give Trench Crusade a try – just because GW’s inconsistent business and creative practices frustrate me – but in the meantime I’ve gone back to my Huion tablet for the first time since finishing A Christmas Carol and painted this scene from the Horus Heresy. It’s a style I want to improve at – and I think I’ll keep at it but possibly use my ink or pencil drawings for characters because I still find freehand drawing tricky and imprecise on a tablet.