• Knightmare from a new perspective

    Knightmare from a new perspective

    Knightmare has been living rent-free in my head for many years now (the ITV show, not the Batman storyline). I’d discovered Paths Peculiar on Twitter and bought some isometric graph paper to give a new style a try. I’d got used to working in this perspective with pixel art but not with pen and paper.…

  • A return to Warhammer?

    A return to Warhammer?

    I love a bit of grimdark. I’ve revisited dark fantasy recently when I completed Demons Souls (original and remake) – one of my favourite games of recent years and a successor to my beloved Fighting Fantasy. But 40K has always been a favourite of mine. I last played and collected back in the 90s, with…

  • Bish Bosh Books

    Bish Bosh Books

    Well, I’ve finally gotten around to fixing my website and I’ve realised just how good the default 202* WordPress themes are. Hopefully I won’t suffer another database catastrophe again any time soon – and I’ll certainly be keeping good backups from now on. On the other hand, this whole affair has given me the opportunity…