Hogwarts for web


Now for sale on Etsy! Oh god, I’m officially a Harry Potter fan artist / tribute artist/ whatever… I put a hold …

NY for web

New York, New York!

Now for sale on Etsy! Okay, it’s eBoy influenced, but it’s also got the Flatiron building and the Empire State, and the …

London_Calling 2nd edition for web

London Calling 2!

Now for sale on Etsy! I’ve returned to pixel art, at least for the time being, following a portfolio review. And I’ve …

mummy col for web

The Mummy

Another of my hark backs to Fighting Fantasy. I’ve now taken to colouring in the pen and ink fantasy creatures series, and …

troll col for web


Edited to add colour. Trolls and ogres are some of the most varied fantasy creatures in terms of artists’ and writers’ interpretations. …

potter sketch3

Harry Potter Sketch

I’ve been running in ever decreasing circles since a portfolio review earlier this year which could be summed up as “we like …

red riding hood for web

Red Riding Hood

My entry for the Tommie Depaola 2016 award. I wanted Red Riding Hood to have an eastern European look to her. The …

Witch rescue

Broomsticks are so middle-ages

I probably shouldn’t have got my hopes up too high in regards to the SCWBI Undiscovered Voices competition, but of all my …

Out of place for web

Out of Place

Out of Place will be the title of the 2016 Tower Hamlets creative writing competition which we’ll be running with the HEC …

orc2 for web

Orc soldier

A more conventional orc – this one straight from my ten-year-old self. It’s nice to be able to go back and properly …

orc boss for web

Orc chief

This was my fairly unconventional (by the conservative standards of the genre) take on an orc chief. I’ve always associated the look …

lizardman for web


I’ve always felt sorry for the lizardman in the fantasy genre as they always seem to be overlooks, despite being used to …

goblinballista for web

Goblin Ballista

A non-character based fantasy piece, this was to illustrate goblin technology which I feel is criminally underrated by some scholars.

Goblin shaman for web

Goblin Shaman

The goblin shaman was an early drawing for my creature encyclopedia. Goblins are great characters because there’s such a rich background to …


Steampunk Gunner

This was one of my two entries into a recent Deviant Art competition that inspired my development of a more realistic style. …

Still a pest sample for web

You’re STILL a Pest!

In honour of the imminent (well, fairly imminent) publication of the printed edition of You’re a Pest, Betsy Thumbslurp! here’s a sample …

Clean pond for web

Task 1: Clean out the pond

Now that Betsy Thumbslurp’s been published it’s time the return to other projects. I’m at least half way through the the art …

BTcover for webl

Buy it now!

WARNING! This book is full of YUCKS, GGRRRRAAHHHS and SNNOOSSEEFFUUPPs.(Not to mention a flying hippopotamus!)


Must Read Booklist 2014

The Must Read posters are the sister set to the Teen Booklist and generally follow the same visual teme. That meant another …

hopes and dreams for web

Hopes and Dreams

Our two heroes discuss future career paths. The two snails are Cassie’s parents getting their just desserts.


Pixel Library

My pixel art Hogwarts is still ongoing, but this is my latest poster – the Tower Hamlets Schools Library Services in it’s …

Mega City One Pixel Art

Mini Mega City One

After I posted London Calling on the 2000AD message board, someone suggested a pixel art Mega City One, and here’s the result. …


Black skies

I wanted at least one opening line that could be worked into sci-fi. This is a bit of a John Wyndham apocalyptic …


Apples in suitcases

I’m not sure whether any entrants have interpreted the ‘apple’ as an iPhone. I like this design but it’s certainly the most …


Jumping from windows

Being totally unused to Adobe Illustrator, this was the toughest of the 4 posters given the amount going on, but the crisp …


Spinning heads and deep holes

This shamelessly riffed on Hitchcock film posters and was one of the earliest designs for this series of posters, it was also …



This is one of my favourite illustrations in the book. Like Betsy’s Ikea Antelop high chair (cheap and very easy to clean), …

Tower Rest

A well-earned rest

This was the painting that sparked off the story …don’t let the dragons bite. I’d bought the book Goblins of the Labyrinth, and …

at the gates for web

At the gates

PhotoShop colouring work over the original paints completed this illustration. I love the huge goblin guards shivvering in their bobble hats – …

kitchen for web

In the kitchen

The completed kitchen scene with our protagonists playing with their future selves. I’ll keep the colour schemes for their outfits the same …

New baby

Ready to publish…

Janet chose this as the definitive picture of Coco, with her reaction to her newborn sister who supplants her as the centre …

Smelly Hippo

The villain

Every story needs a villain. Poor Hippo is both villain and victim of this book. There’s supposed to be baked bean sauce …


Three’s a crowd

Double, Tripple Yucks! Betsy and her beloved Hippopotamus. Coco’s had enough.


A light and fluffy cake

Birthday cakes aren’t so fluffy after a year on the shelf. The first Betsy Thubslurp story is all about poor Coco missing …


THe List 2011: Spirit

The final poster in the 2011 series, and the one that didn’t quite survive being turned into CMYK colors.


THe List 2011: Water

I love this poster. The colours and composition just work. This was the first in the series that I created and it …


THe List 2011: Fire

Poster 3 in the 2011 series was Fire. The art was a deliberate reversal of composition from Water, but re-used some elements …


THe List 2011: Air

Poster 2 of the 2011 series was Air. The background is predominantly skyscrapers and other architecture from around Tower Hamlets.

Baba Yaga

Baba Yaga

  I remember the chicken-leg house from childhood stories and more recently rediscovered it in Hellboy. It’s one of the most memorable …



I’d finished reading Game of Thrones when I started work on this with a mind to produce a series of collaged fantasy …

RWYC_Montage for web

Reading with your child

Reading with your child was a promotion for local parents encouraging them to make use of public libraries and bookshops.